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Practical Personal Finance

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Practical Personal Finance is an affordable, 30-day course designed for employers to offer as a benefit to their employees.

Each day includes a 10–15-minute multimedia lesson, designed to help hard-working adults make better decisions about their personal finances in a broader context of teaching them economic literacy and life skills. Employees can take the course on their mobile device or using any computer with access to the internet.

The course begins by introducing key concepts for engaging in an economic way of thinking. Employees will come to understand that every decision is an economic one, because it has costs and benefits, and that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Practical Personal Finance then explores the ways in which creating value, not having a job, is the key to economic well-being. Success comes from always trying to maximize the value one creates for others, whether in or outside the workplace. Essential to this is having an entrepreneurial attitude, and that one need not start or own a business to think and act entrepreneurially.

The course next turns to the foundations of financial success: anticipating uncertainty, managing risk by insuring prudently, and investing in oneself. It then explores ways to maximize one’s investments using compound interest, diversification, and asset allocation. Finally, it considers the ways in which government action can help—as well as hurt—one’s ability to prosper in a market economy.

While the goal of this course is to help your employees become more financially secure, the lessons they will take away will also help them understand the benefit to them of being more productive, both in life, and at work.