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Welcome WV’ers for School Choice!

Thank you for supporting school choice and common sense education for our students.

Online High School courses tailored to Home Learners and proctored by real-life expert instructors. 



Hope Scholarship-qualified. 

Our expert-level instructors use the award-winning Poptential curriculum. All students receive free multimedia textbooks, courtesy of Poptential.



3 courses are offered each semester. Each $99 course provides consistent online class meetings with an expert-level instructor, plus a free multimedia textbook. 

Fall Semesters: 

  • World History 1
  • American History 1
  • Economics and Personal Finance

Spring Semesters: 

  • World History 2
  • American History 2
  • American Government

About SensibleSchoolâ„¢

SensibleSchoolâ„¢ offers education which affirms life, engages people not just at a certain stage, but throughout their life adventure, and creates wisdom-enabled learners to make discerning judgments about themselves and their creative, life-affirming role in the world. Whether you are a high school-age student looking for great supplements to your traditional or homeschool offerings, an adult in the workplace or in prison, or even a teacher looking for professional development opportunities, SensibleSchool has a way for you to take charge of your education and develop yourself by Making your Mind.